Monday, February 9, 2009

Free TV adventures

Here is the new resource I found for messing with free digital over the air waves TV.  I am probably having more fun messing with this stuff than anyone else in my house.  But I found TVFOOL this is another great resource to figuring out what antenna, what channels, and all kinds of fun with TV reception.  I am anxious to find out if the PBS station is going to change the power it is broadcasting at, after the Feb 17 switch.  That is the one station I haven't been able to get digital yet that I really want.  I may have to go through some extreme messures if after the 17th I still can't get it.  

Also I found you can download to google earth the broadcast range of each TV station in your area to see a map of what channels should be receivable at your house.  This picture is the signal from KNOE which is the CBS station from Monroe.  

Even with this info I still don't think I have it all figured out yet. There seems to be some channels that I am not getting that I should.  (I am on the fringe of the signal... but still) The only major things I have left to do is add height and an amplifier... 

We shall see.

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