Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Camping - April 08

Our small group checked out the weather, ignored the potential rain and went camping. So far every time our group has gone camping we have been rained on so why should this time be different. (if you would rather just look at all the pictures just go here :) http://picasaweb.google.com/stevemurp/Camping08SmallGroup

This time we went to Lake D'Arbonne and it was a pretty nice place. Since we are all into "ruffing" it we made sure all the campsites had water and electricity.

So here is the quick review of the great time we had.

We brought bikes, but didn't really use them (well the kids did - I wanted to hit the trails!)
From Camping 08 sm...
We thought this tarp would keep us dry from the rain.
From Camping 08 sm...
We need a much bigger tarp. Or as many tarps as Flecher had on his tent. Because that night it rained and we got wet. After dinner (Chicken was great!) it rained and we all ended up in our own tents and went to sleep.

Then we had pancakes for breakfast thanks to the paperplate spatula master!
From Camping 08 sm...
Then my parents came up (most of the pictures came from them :) ) They brought meat for lunch and a boat.
Before lunch we had a giant nerf dart tag battle extravaganza
From Camping 08 sm...
Dad got to take a bunch of the kids on a little boat ride around the lake. Fletch got a work out paddling his Pirough around the lake. Then it started to rain again.

Then it stopped raining and a couple of us went fishing.
From Camping 08 sm...
We went hiking and went in circles. It was pretty funny.

We had a great time. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this group of friends and my family. I do feel very blessed.

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Tiffany Granderson said...

I wish we had friends to camp with that were closer.