Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today we went to see an allergist for a second opinion on what we need
to do for Ethan. There is good and bad news.

Good news: The doctor said to let Ethan eat what ever he wants to for
10 days. He wants to see him back May 5th to see if food is really a
big issue. So tonight he got to choose what he wanted for dinner and
he ate his weight in french fries! Tomorrow I plan on making a "real"
cake and for breakfast we went all out and got Cheerios and Pop Tarts.
:) Time will tell whether or not this is a big mistake.

Bad news: The doctor did environmental tests on Ethan and Caleb and
they are both allergic to EVERY kind of grass, many types of trees,
cats, rag weed, house dust, dust mites etc..... Their backs were soo
swollen from the "prick" test. The doctor said they are very allergic
to many things. He wants to do allergy shots. This in a way is good
because in theory in about 3 to 5 years they could be allergy free.
Its bad because they have to have shots twice a week for several
months. Then the shots tapper down to once a week.

We are suppose to make our house as dust free as possible. He said to
get rid of the carpet, stuffed animals, put allergen covers on the
pillows and mattresses, the list goes on and on and on. If you think
about us, pray for us. Although these are minor irritations in our
lives, and I should be very thankful that none of this is life
threatening, it still feels like an insurmountable task to take care


jenny said...

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Tiffany Granderson said...

How is Ethan doing on this anything goes diet? Been praying for you guys! May God be with you, give clarity, and provide his perfect provision!

SteveM said...

I plan on writing a post reviewing our experiment with letting have a free for all diet when we are done, but it does seem that foods for the most part are not the biggest cause of our trouble. Dust and pollen and the like seem to be a big culprit. so we shall see. I'll keep you posted.