Monday, December 14, 2009

Go Kart 2.0

Well we were at it again. The first go kart had wheels from old bikes, and that one didn't last very long. the axles couldn't handle it. Well I saw these two wheel chairs on the side of the road being thrown away... and of course I didn't see trash I saw an opportunity. So here we are .. the updated version of the go kart. Thanks to Chuck coming over the next day we made some modifications that really help. It is totally push and gravity powered, however Caleb is always interested in some kind of motor being put on this thing (not now, but we'll see). The kids learned real fast about some simple steering principles. When you are going fast you don't have to turn as much. Caleb's friend Reed almost flipped it over on the very first run. Caleb almost hit a car and discovered that we need to work on our braking system a little bit.

It has been great fun.

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