Thursday, December 25, 2008

Murphy Family Christmas

Christmas morning was wonderful.

Jill and I woke up early so we could see the kids reaction when they got up.
Caleb was up first (around 5:30am) so we woke Ethan (way too early for him).

I was confused on the season and got Jill a couple of swim suits. While Jill on the other hand got me a some great winter bicycling gear. Biking gloves, long sleeve jersey and a cycling Gortex windbreaker.

The remote control car, bikes and bike ramp were a hit.

Then we ended up at Nanna and Pops house where Caleb got his long awaited mp3 player. He had been opening every smaller box first all morning hunting for it. Ethan was in love with his new art kit. Then we went outside to try out Ethan's "pitching machine". They were hitting "homeruns" left and right.

This has been a great morning opening gifts, singing Christmas songs in the car and hanging out with family.

It has been a Merry Christmas.

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