Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 08

Well this year was a bunch of fun. Ethan was Superman (very fitting since he likes to jump off of everything). Caleb spiked his hair - COOL! Temple Baptism puts on this great carnival the night before Halloween every year and this year was great. Ethan won a stuffed animal by selecting the duck with the star on the bottom. Caleb and his buddies did the hay maze over and over. The hay maze was awesome!

Well the next night was Halloween. The boys did a tour of the neighborhood. We had to convince Ethan that people will come to our door and we will give them candy. We don't have to take a full bag of candy and distribute it to all the neighbors.

Then Sunday night it was the parents turn. Our small group had to dress up like we did when we were in Jr. High and we went out to a friends house. We ate chili dogs and danced the night away to the songs of the 80s. It was great fun. There was quite a bit of laughter. We saw dance moves that no one thought possible.

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Amy Holmes said...

Be careful on those horses! (JK)
Love Jill's 80s hair.
Glad y'all had a great weekend!