Monday, October 27, 2008

Fishing With PawPaw

PawPaw brought up the boat to so we could have a Murphy boy adventure. Well an adventure we got! We stopped to get worms and crickets on the way to Lake D'arbonne and a guy asked us where we were going. He then informed us they are draining D'arbonne and said "good luck putting that boat in." We headed for D'arbonne and sure enough the one landing that was still usable had every parking spot full and parking along the road of trucks with their boat trailer.

So off to Lake Claiborne. We pulled out the map and Caleb was showing off his navigator skills using the map and helping us go a way that none of us had been before. It was exciting with Caleb in the back understanding which road we should cross next or figuring out how far we had left. He was also pointing out a route to go home. Very proud moment.

Here are some more pictures too

Now come the fishing. We found a spot out in the middle and went to fishing. Caleb caught a 2 lbs catfish. All we all caught a ton of Brim and other small fish. Caleb insisted we cook his one catfish. So we made PawPaw clean the catfish and a brim (of course all I head was a decent steak knife). We filleted them both. I made blacked Catfish for Caleb and fried the brim for Ethan.

Caleb was proud. He was even talking about how we could save money by him going fishing and cooking the fish instead of going to the store. It was a great day.

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