Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lego Robotics

Caleb is on his schools Lego League team and I am the coach. My Friend Hisham is the coach for the older group and he has done this for a couple of years. I am probably more excited about this than anyone. Here are some pictures from our first meeting we had both teams together sorting out the legos and building the elements of the missions that we will have to do.

This years mission theme is Climate Connections. The kids have to build a robot that can do several missions relating to climate, and they have to do a bunch of research and do a presentation on a climate related topic. The state Lego competition is December 6th. In the world we are one of over 4000 teams.

Check out some of the websites telling all about the competion and the fun.
First Lego League
Louisiana First Lego League

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