Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vacation 08 - The Review

We journeyed to North Carolina to stay with Jill's sister Amy for part of our vacation. It was great. The drive was incredible. We decided to go through Tennessee where we stayed the night in Chattanooga. Driving through the mountains I discovered what I am calling "mountain lust". I wanted to abort the rest of our vacation and just go explore and play in the mountains instead of just driving through. Here is the route we took:

View Larger Map We spent a number of days in North Carolina. Amy and Parker were an excellent hosts making sure there was plenty to do to entertain us. We did everything from swimming, hiking, the science museum, went on walks, saw a movie. It was great fun.

Then we headed down for Atlanta for Jill's Grandmother's 90th birthday party. We stopped to get some peaches for Nanny. Also in Atlanta we went to a Braves game, climbed Stone Mountain, did the Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park (among other things), went to a Hynson family hang out at Steve and Bonnie Powell's house.

We drove back on Tuesday, relaxed and caught up on house stuff on Wednesday. It was a great vacation. Pictures and details will be provided in further posts.

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