Thursday, February 14, 2008

Caleb's starts his last year in the single digits.

Caleb Murphy is officially 9 years old today. One at the beginning of the month we had a party for him. It was more of a guys night out with his buddies in Shreveport. We picked up his longtime friend Alexander in Bossier. First we hit the McDonald's and they ran around on the play place stuff. Then we went to the boardwalk with the plan of going bowling. The bowling alley was closed. Then we thought about doing a movie. Hannah Montana was the only thing playing. The boys didn't want to admit they wanted to see it(besides it was sold out). So I let them just run around on the boardwalk playing chase while I watched them and the river. I brought homemade doozie cookies and some candles. So we sang happy birthday on the riverwalk. Later that night we went to one of those fun places. The boys played arcade games and they did go carts. They got to race a bunch of 6th grade girls and they won. You know they were proud. After returning all his friends, I took Caleb out for hot chocolate just to say we stayed up past midnight.
Then today we just did a family thing with cake and some presents. It was a good day. I am so very proud of my boy. He is shaping into a fine man!


Anonymous said...

Golly, Steve...Can't believe he is already 9! Seems like Jill was just pregnant with him. What a handsome, creative, and sweet little man he is. Love to you all.


Brad said...

That's incredible. Nine years already???

Emma turned 2 last week, I need to get home for dinner before she turns 9 on me!!

There are some things in life I just wish I could freeze, but I don't want to miss out on what comes next.