Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This morning was hilarious. It started with Caleb walking past all the gifts to tell us he can't wait any longer, because he is too excited. We had to wake up Ethan. After saying a prayer and singing happy birthday to Jesus, we ripped into the presents. The presents were all a hit. I really like the book Caleb got from Aunt Bonnie. The Dangerous Book for Boys. This is like the manual for growing up as a boy.
I will never forget Caleb trying to put on Deodorant. He has been wanting to wear mine and be grown up like his Daddy, so we put some in his stocking this year.
From 2007 Christma...

Ethan painting on his new easel (we may be mailing out Ethan Originals to all the grandparents), and then both boys having great fun(making a great mess) with Moon Sand.
From 2007 Christma...

The next thing that happened was so funny to me. God didn't make it snow in Ruston this Christmas, but He put frost on the ground. Caleb, Ethan and the neighborhood boys put water in the wagon, and some other containers in the backyard to see if it would turn to ice over night. So they rushed out to check on their project.... sure enough there was ice, but then after the moment of playing with ice was over - they noticed the frost. The way they were acting you would have thought we had 2 inches of snow on the ground. They were running in and out of the house showing off leaves they found with frost on it. Running and sliding on it, trying to climb up the slide covered in frost. We did come in very shortly after that with cold red hands and cheeks.

Ethan loves is electronic plastic guitar, and his Stomp video... He has been beating pots and pans all day today.
I have also discovered that Caleb is really good at Connect Four. He has beaten me more games than I wish to admit.
This has been a great Christmas. We have raised a good bit of money at Church to dig a well in Malawi. We got to deliver some food from our small group to a family we are trying to help out. We had a lot of good family time. I praise God for this great year.

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