Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Thanksgiving 2007
I am not sure who did all that cooking, but I sure did love that "spicy" turkey and the seafood dressing! Thanks Rick and Katrina! I don't know why I wait one whole year to eat that dressing!
It was amazing to see all those kids of ours running around, especially knowing that not that long ago I was one of those kids. It must be something to be one of the great grandparents watching these little ones climb around.

Caleb is getting pretty handy with that BB gun. He better watch out because Ethan was trying his hand at it also (with a great deal of Daddy's help).

And paddling a canoe with Caleb in the back and me in the front on a (cold) windy day racing PawPaw and Ethan in the Pirogue was fun! We put Caleb in the back of the boat since he weighs less than me and the back is where the leaks were (I know what you worried parents are starting to think... trust me it was safe). I tell you what... it is hard to steer a canoe from the front! Caleb really showed some muscle and was doing a great job of paddling and he really began understanding how to steer the boat from the back. I was very proud, especially if you know what it looks like to paddle on Iatt lake through all the trees.

This was a great thanksgiving!

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